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Kurt Cobain's death-what's the truth anyway?

What's the truth about the murder of an angel?
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On April 8th 1994 Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, was found dead in his Seattle home of an apparent shotgun wound to the head and with three times the lethal amount of heroin in his system. A note lay at the scene. The verdict was suicide. Others are skeptical.

After ten years, his death still remains debated and has been told on numerous major media outlets such as VH1, Unsolved Mysteries and Court Tv. Radio shows such as Allan Handleman, Tom Leykis, Gil Gross and even '
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' Howard Stern had it's coverage.

In 1998, Nick Broomfields' blundered featured film, "Kurt and Courtney" made its way to the screen and numerous books that covered Kurt's death such as "Who Killed Kurt Cobain? The mysterious death of an icon" to the newly released "Love and Death" by Canadian journalists Ian Halperin and Max Wallace, appeared thereafter with many questions still unresolved.

For many of us who believe that Kurt did not commit suicide, this site will cover the major issues concerning Kurt's death and to shed light on what really happened from the Rome incident to his untimely death just one month later.

This website exists for the reader to view the information surrounding this case and in hope that a proper investigation will be conducted so that Kurt's fans and his daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, will know how he really died.
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